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We specialize in STEM workshops. We can bring our unique workshops to any event.

We can also customize events for your needs.

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Here's what our customers have to say about us

"When it comes to STEM workshops, Renaissance Kids offers workshops that are a perfect fit for my students. The hands-on projects are well planned, and skillfully delivered to engage students who are working at different levels.  After every workshop, my students are excited to share their creations, and they are enthusiastic about the next session. I highly recommend Renaissance Kids for STEM education workshops."

Renee - LLL Center, Hampstead, NH

Here's why we will meet and exceed your needs

Our classes are designed from the bottom up allowing us to customize the learning experience to each child.

Our classes are created by a combination of adult sized kids, technology experts, and educators.

We are constantly creating new and interesting classes; our core classes are listed below.

Our Core Workshops

Robot Creation Workshop

Intro to Robotics

Intro to Robot Programming

Simple Machines

Green Screen Animation


Simple Circuits

Earth Science

Forces and Motion